Specialist in Cultured Marble Products Since 1967

At Nashville Marble we bring you the best of beauty and style to your home though cultured marble and granite whirlpool tubs, showers, and countertops. You’ll enjoy the enhanced style that cultured marble and granite will provide. When the craftsmen at Nashville Marble custom install marble in your home, it’s as unique and individual as a fingerprint. Nashville Marble will demonstrate to you how we can make your home standout with the timeless appeal of cultured marble and granite.

As middle Tennessee’s largest cultured marble manufacturer, Nashville Marble has been customizing homes since 1967. By utilizing our professionally trained in-house installers, Nashville Marble avoids the cost of sub-contractors and maintains high quality. Free estimates provided at your location make it simple, and we are glad to serve both building contractors as well as individual homeowners. When you want the best, come to Nashville Marble. Ask for an appointment to view our showroom at your convenience.